Pre & Post Surgical Hand Rehabilitation

Recovering from any kind of surgery can feel like an overwhelming task. However, when you are recovering from hand surgery, you suddenly realize how often you use your hands in your day-to-day tasks. Thankfully, Movement Physical Therapy is ready to help you with hand therapy after surgery.

The hand is very sensitive and after your surgery, you may experience some pain and discomfort. The recovery period can last anywhere from weeks to months, depending on the cause of your hand condition. Movement Physical Therapy has a plan to help you with hand therapy after surgery. Your therapy may include exercises for the hand, heat therapy, massage therapy, splinting, traction, bandages, and nerve stimulation.

If you are expecting to receive hand surgery in the near future, we recommend that you set up your home to help you remain comfortable while recovering. Some tips include prepping meals ahead of time, stocking up on straws, and arranging your home furniture to make your life as convenient as possible. Many everyday things will seem heavy and difficult as you are still recovering.

Movement Physical Therapy will create a hand therapy after surgery plan for you that will get you back to you normal activities as soon as possible. If you are having hand surgery in the near future, keep in mind that is is beneficial to start hand therapy prior to surgery to help strengthen the hand and to prep for surgery. Give our office a call and we can help you with hand therapy after surgery as well as prior to surgery, We look forward to meeting you and setting up an initial evaluation to get you recovered as quickly as possible.

Pre & Post Surgical Hand Rehabilitation at the Following Locations:

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