Hand Therapy Desensitization

After nerve repair, the road to recovery is not as simple as one may think. Pain, hypersensitivity to touch, pressure or temperature may be something that you may continue to struggle with. Thankfully, Movement Physical Therapy knows how to help you feel your best again through Hand Therapy Desensitization.

Hand therapy desensitization is great for people who have arthritis, amputations, burns, carpal tunnel syndrome, cumulative trauma, nerve injuries, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, soft tissue injuries, surgical and non-surgical fractures, tendinitis and trigger finger, tendon lacerations, or wrist and elbow injuries. If you have recently had hand surgery, new nerve axons have grown into your skin and muscles so, hypersensitivity to light touch is normal. However, with the new growth, you will have to relearn how to interpret normal touch again. Movement Physical Therapy has physical therapists who are highly trained in Hand Therapy Desensitization, which is sensory re-education that will allow you to adapt to the brain’s response to injured areas. Our focus will be to make you feel right again.

Movement Physical Therapy’s approach to your hand therapy desensitization will be based upon how much your nerve has grown . The training will consist of two phases. During phase one, your hand will be without sensibility and you will not have your handmap in your brain. At this phase, we will focus on sensory relearning and mobility of the hand, aiming toward activating and maintaining the hand map in the brain to make sensory relearning easier once your nerve axons have fully regrown. During phase two, the axons will have reached your hand and the hand map in the brain will change pattern. At this time, our focus will be training with your sense of touch and sensibility. During your hand therapy desensitization training, it is very important that you have regular follow-ups because we will need to see how your sensibility and hand function improve in order to advance in your sensory re-education program.

If you have recently had nerve repair and haven’t felt like yourself afterwards, Movement Physical Therapy is available to help you feel like yourself again. We offer two locations at Snohomish and Canyon Park. If you think you could benefit from hand therapy desensitization, give our office a call and it will be our pleasure to get you back to feeling like your normal self again.

Movement Physical Therapy provides Hand Therapy Desensitization at the following locations:

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